Ice Cube Shares Update On Upcoming ‘Man Down’ Album

West Coast icon Ice Cube, during a conversation with Public Enemy frontman Chuck D’s RAPstation, updated fans on his upcoming Man Down album which he announced back in June of this year while speaking to the Full Send podcast.

Readying to release his first solo LP since 2018’s Everythang’s Corrupt, Cube told RAPstation that he’s adding some of the final touches to the album and that it will be ready for release soon.

“I’m working on an album that hopefully I can finish in next couple of weeks and schedule to put it out,” he said. “I’m digging what I’m doing. The name of the record is called Man Down, and, you know, it’s a pretty good record. I like it. It’s dope.”

In a recent Conversations With Chad exclusive interview with Kurupt of the Dogg Pound, the DPG legend seemingly confirmed working with Ice Cube on the upcoming project saying, “I sent him (Ice Cube) a record not too long ago. He sent [me] a record for his project and I laid my verse and Unc just said, ‘That’s not it, Kurupt. You gotta put your foot in it. You didn’t put your foot in it.’ I’d never heard that. I said, ‘Ok, my bad.’ So I got back in there and relaid my thing and sent it back into Cube. We keep each other on our ten toes.”