CWC: DJ Muggs Talks Working With Ice Cube On ‘The Predator’

The legendary DJ Muggs, who recently dropped the incredible 19-track Soul Assassins 3: Death Valley album, sat down with Chad Kiser for an exclusive Conversations With Chad interview. In this excerpt, Muggs talks about working with Ice Cube during the making of The Predator album.

Muggs produced the songs “Check Yo Self”, “We Had To Tear This Muthafucka Up”, and “Now I Gotta Wet ‘Cha” for Cube’s third solo album released in 1992 via Lench Mob Records / Priority Records.

Also during the full Conversations With Chad interview, the ground-breaking Cypress Hill producer and Soul Assassins founder talked with Chad Kiser about putting Soul Assassins 3 together, making of “Street Made” with Scarface & Freddie Gibbs, his reflective thoughts on being banned from Saturday Night Live for lighting a joint on live television, working with Method Man & Slick Rick on “Metropolis”, and creating the upcoming Death Valley film with Jason Goldwatch among other topics.