CWC: Kurupt Talks Dogg Pound Longevity, Working With S.O.S. Band, Reflects On Early Career + More

In this final installment of the Conversations With Chad interview with the DPG legend Kurupt Young Gotti, we talk about Tha Dogg Pound‘s longevity, his pre-Death Row Records work with the legendary R&B, electro-funk group the S.O.S. Band on their 1991 release One of Many Nights, and his early career signing with Death Row Records.

The third segment of the Conversations With Chad interview sees the Philly-born rapper talk about making the songs “The Hardest Muthafuckaz” & “Space Boogie” off his 2001 release Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey, working with multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning producer Fredwreck, and working on “Smooth” off Tha Dogg Pound’s 1995 Death Row Records release Dogg Food with West Coast icon Snoop Dogg and legendary producer DJ Pooh.

In the second segment of the Conversations With Chad interview, he detailed putting the Gotti Mob album together with C-Mob and A&R extraordinaire M80, gave an update on Tha Dogg Pound’s upcoming Dogg Food 2, and revealed he has upcoming collaborations in the works with west coast icon Ice Cube and the pioneering producer DJ Quik.

During the first segment of the exclusive Conversations With Chad interview with Kurupt, the Dogg Pound legend detailed making the just-released “Don’t Ask Me” record with Suga Free and ProHoeZak, being inspired by what Nas and Hit-Boy are doing, listed ProHoeZak among the greats of producers, and revealed he is putting together the Kurupt Presents: A Toast To The Coast EP.