Big V Of Nappy Roots Stars In New Film ’45 Seconds’ On Tubi

Big V of Nappy Roots, the platinum hip-hop group from Kentucky, co-stars in the new crime film 45 Seconds. The movie also features veteran actors Markice Moore and Obba Babatunde and is directed by John Kouromihelakis.

According to press release, 45 Seconds is a story of 4 Cousins who are all on different paths, and struggle with everyday life. One in nursing school, one an aspiring actor, one an aspiring rapper and the other just an around the way hustler. When each of the cousins’ life takes a turn for the worse, the oldest cousin devises a plan to rob a bank after reading the book The Great Heist based on John Dillinger and his gang. One bank robbery leads to multiple robberies which leads to the beginning and end of the 45 Seconds crew.