Xzibit & Tammy The Cannabis Cutie Unpack The Layers Of The Cannabis World With New Podcast Series ‘Lasagna Ganja’

DCP Entertainment, the media production company elevating underrepresented and marginalized voices, has announced the upcoming launch of the new weekly podcast series, Lasagna Ganja. Hosted by the multi-platinum rapper, actor, television host and record producer, Xzibit and cannabis advocate, educator, and entrepreneur, Tammy The Cannabis Cutie, the series premieres on Thursday, October 5 and will be available across all major podcast platforms. The Lasagna Ganja podcast will serve as the ultimate destination for anyone interested in the world of cannabis, providing a hearty mix of education and entertainment.

The weekly podcast delves into all the layers of the multifaceted cannabis world, from the complicated history and misconceptions of cannabis and the plant’s influence and impact on culture, music, entertainment and more, to the latest trends, scientific breakthroughs, and political issues. The hosts and their guests will take a thoughtful approach to sensitive and controversial topics while also sharing hilarious anecdotes from their own experiences with cannabis. Additionally, episodes will feature reviews of select products, which hosts and guests introduce and enjoy during the show and on which provide their personal ratings and reviews at the end.

“Cannabis has been a major part of my life, in my professional pursuits and my personal consumption. This series is a powerful platform to educate listeners and unpack the many misconceptions about cannabis, and also a way to share my personal journey into the cannabis industry,” says the Lasagna Ganja podcast co-host Xzibit. “I’m looking forward to bringing on some of my closest friends and experts to discuss how cannabis has shaped their lives, reflect on the industry’s progress, and enjoy some good laughs along the way.”

The Lasagna Ganja podcast marks the first podcast for Xzibit, who has a decades-long background across the music and entertainment industry. Beyond some of his iconic work as an artist, actor, and producer, Xzibit is also the founder of the cannabis brand NAPALM, which he launched in 2020. Following its debut, NAPALM announced an exclusive partnership with cannabis company Buddies Brand Inc., where Xzibit took on the role of Creative Director.

Joining Xzibit as co-host is TV and podcast host, educator, athlete, mom, business consultant, and cannabis advocate, Tammy Pettigrew, known as Tammy, the Cannabis Cutie, who aims to free the cannabis plant from the taboos surrounding it. Since earning her MBA from the University of Miami’s Herbert Business School in 2018, and inspired by her mentor, Snoop Dogg, Pettigrew has built a cannabis empire in California as the founder of Cannabis Cutie Education, which delivers accessible, engaging, and informative cannabis education via online learning.

“Many are quick to dismiss the use of cannabis in everyday life, but I have dedicated my career to exploring this fascinating plant, and am here to show through an informed lens just how much of an asset it can be,” says the Lasagna Ganja podcast co-host, Tammy, the Cannabis Cutie. “Hosting the Lasagna Ganja podcast is another way I can educate audiences on its social and adult-use advantages, as well as explore how it can be a catalyst for entrepreneurship.”

With specific names to be announced in the coming weeks, guests will include notable celebrities, athletes, musicians, lawmakers, and owners/operators, all with extensive backgrounds in the cannabis industry. Industry legend Jerry Krecicki, AKA “Jerry K,” owner of Quickies Wraps, will kick off the show as the first guest, shedding light on his experience recreationally smoking marijuana before legalization, and more. Following him is Elliot Lewis, CEO of Catalyst Farms, who discusses dispensary ownership and his monumental lawsuit against the largest cannabis-growing company in California.

“At DCP Entertainment we create podcasts that are relevant, informative and entertaining, while elevating the voices and issues of underrepresented communities. The ‘Lasagna Ganja’ podcast is the perfect hybrid of pot culture, pop culture and education,” noted CEO of DCP Entertainment, Chris Colbert. “Xzibit and Tammy, The Cannabis Cutie are truly the ideal hosts for the ‘Lasagna Ganja’ podcast, as their understanding of the cannabis industry comes from many different angles and experiences, bringing a fun and balanced mix to the series.”