Allow Her To Reintroduce Herself: An Interview With Adult Entertainment Superstar Sheena Ryder

This time, the fourth quarter of 2023, marks thirteen years since XXX film star Sheena Ryder first appeared as an adult performer in front of the camera. It was a blowjob scene with Randy Moore for Goo Girls 40, and from that point on, she quickly started gaining momentum. But then (for the uninitiated), on November 6, 2012, Sheena was in a motorcycle accident in South Carolina, where she got thrown forty to fifty feet across the highway, resulting in, among other things, a pin, plate, and, rod in her ankle. In a 2014 interview with Captain Jack for, while regaining her position in porn after being gone for recovery, she said, “I have to wave my hands and tell everyone that I’m back. It’s out of sight, out of mind.”

To a weaker entity, this would signal the beginning of the end. However, it strengthened Sheena’s resolve to return even better. She did just that. And then some. The comeback was not only a testament to her abilities as a performer, which are incredible but, perhaps even more importantly, her spirit and personality. Before her porn career, she was in the military and did medical training and administration, so she took her rehab into her own hands. After learning to walk again while hospitalized, she ditched outpatient rehab. Then she rebuilt her body on her own accord. A doctor once told her that she’d never wear heels again. But Sheena did. A few years later, this Puerto Rican and Greek beauty got a breast augmentation and has since become a master of the milf category with a gorgeous ass and sports a bush that complements everything perfectly.

Some people receive empowerment from sexuality, and others get it from modesty. Neither is more right or wrong than the other, as long as she/he/they are in control of their bodies and identities. And what better way to make a living than by doing something which makes you feel empowered? It is truly a gift and something I applaud people for doing in adult entertainment, primarily due to our often upside-down hypocritical culture. And there are few XXX performers that I have seen demonstrate longevity, appeal, and quality at such a high level the way Sheena Ryder has. But that should come as no surprise; she has repeatedly stated that she wanted to be in the sex industry since seeing a Playboy in her teenage years. And (again, for the uninitiated), she was initially introduced to the porn industry after meeting male adult film star Marcus London in the swinger lifestyle. 

Upon finding out that this interview would take place, I reached out to Marcus London, and he spoke very highly of Sheena. And he is not at all surprised at how she has thrived in this business and been so successful for so long.

“I [saw] this pretty and engaging girl who seemed so happy to share herself online with all these strangers. I thought, “Wow,” she loves attention and seems so at home naked. I couldn’t believe that she was doing this for free. After a few weeks [of] seeing her still entertaining everyone, I decided to [have a] chat with her. Sheena had such enthusiasm, energy, and, most importantly, a love of sex. She was perfect for this industry,” he said. “Her acting abilities [really] became apparent early on and blossomed in many of the productions we worked in together for companies like Teamskeet and Wicked. Sheena has been a constant within our industry since her beginning and has had a diverse career working with some of the best producers and directors in the adult film [business].”

Sheena Ryder loves sex, is a kind soul, and has earned her spot as a veteran in the porn industry among the upper echelon of those who have pushed the medium forward. And I love sex, too, so talking candidly with someone who shares a passion for it and its societal role is a privilege. Thus, as much as this is an interview between an adult entertainer and a journalist, it is even more so a recorded conversation between two people talking about something that excites them and how it continues to make themselves and the world they live in a better place for everyone.

Thank you to Mr. Chad Kiser for the platform to write and post this interview as my adult entertainment alter ego. And not unlike hip-hop (where creatives can also be more than one character), adult entertainment can be a very controversial subject. However, at their best, they are both forms of expression in which the artist or performer is completely free and often challenges norms to educate and entertain the masses in the face of adversity. And so it makes sense that hip-hop and porn have been bedfellows in the past. Hence, it only makes sense that they continue to do so to provide an outlet for many and promote positive progress in the process. This interview will reach as many people as possible via sharing, social media, and word-of-mouth because that is a stepping stone for how change can happen—peace, love, and blessings to all.

CWC Produced By: Chad Kiser Edited By: Shad Reed (a/k/a Tony Stifton) Music Provided By: Erotic D