Conversations With Chad: DJ Muggs Talks Soul Assassins 3, Working With Ice Cube & Scarface, Reflects On SNL Ban, ‘Death Valley’ Film + More

Legendary producer DJ Muggs just dropped the incredible 19-track Soul Assassins 3: Death Valley album and Chad Kiser caught up with Muggs for an exclusive interview to talk about putting Soul Assassins 3 together, working with Ice Cube, MC Ren, and B-Real on the Cypress Hill & N.W.A collab “Dump On’Em”, and creating the upcoming Death Valley film with Jason Goldwatch.

Also during this exclusive Conversations With Chad interview, the ground-breaking Cypress Hill producer and Soul Assassins founder talked with Chad Kiser about getting Scarface & Freddie Gibbs paired up on “Street Made”, and shared his reflective thoughts on being banned from Saturday Night Live for lighting a joint on live television among other topics.