Erotic D To Discuss The Process Of Producing The D.O.C.’s ‘Helter Skelter’ Album During Upcoming “The Most Ruthless” Podcast Debut

Veteran music producer Erotic D, the Dallas, Texas pioneer well-known for his work with artists like Dr. DreMC BreedThe D.O.C.George ClintonAdina Howard, and others, is set to debut the inaugural episode of his upcoming The Most Ruthless Podcast.

In this initial episode, Erotic D will be telling the story of the making of The D.O.C.’s 1996 Helter Skelter album, discussing the events surrounding the making of the cult-classic follow-up to his 1989 Dr. Dre-produced debut album No One Can Do It Better.

Part of the discussion will include the process and environment around recording the album, the crazy climate surrounding him recording again since having his voice gone for over 5 years from his near-fatal car accident, Death Row Records trying to get at D.O.C, and getting the call that Ruthless Records founder and N.W.A frontman Eazy-E had died as Erotic & D.O.C. were in the midst of recording in the studio.

In a Facebook post about the upcoming The Most Ruthless Podcast debut, Erotic D stated: “I’M TAPING THE INAUGURAL EPISODE OF “The Most Ruthless Podcast” this Friday at 7pm!!!!! This is the episode that I will be telling the story of the making of The D.O.C.’s Helter Skelter album. If we get a great response and feedback from this episode, I will bring The D.O.C. On LIVE and he and I will talk about the process and the environment around that album. The climate was crazy, he hadn’t had a voice for 5 yrs, O.J. Was on trial, Death Row was trying to get at DOC, then…….we get a call while we were in the studio that Eazy E had died, and the question of if we were going to attend his funeral. Life while creating this classic album was CRAZY, but we put it all in the music. I almost want a live audience while I tape this episode. So if you want to attend the taping this Friday night, inbox me or email at