Kokane a/k/a Dr. Kokanstine Drops New Smitty-Directed “Down The Rabbit Hole” Music Video

Gearing up for his upcoming release, Da Funk’n Adventures Of Dr. Kokanstine, Kokane just dropped the new Smitty-directed “Down The Rabbit Hole” music video.

In the video, Kokane’s alter ego Dr. Kokanstine, takes you on a psychedelic trip , with his new visual. This funky crazy record & video will have your mind in another dimension, making you instantly fall into a groove; and get your boogie on.

Kokane embodies the Parliament-Funkadelic sound & experience, but with his on twist on it.

You can purchase the “Down The Rabbit Hole” single exclusively at the Bud E Boy website, and check the video here.