Dr. Dre Talks The State Of Hip-Hop, Choosing Not To Work With Michael Jackson & Prince, Kendrick Lamar Being A ‘Forever Artist’ + More With Kevin Hart On ‘Hart To Heart’

Music mogul and iconic producer Dr. Dre was the featured guest on episode 10 of Kevin Hart’s Peacock talk show Hart to Heart.

When questioned about his thoughts on the current state of hip-hop, Dr. Dre responded, “Hip-hop is what it is. Anybody that’s talking about the state of hip-hop right now, when talking about it from a negative place, sounds like somebody’s fuckin’ grandfather. This is just what it is. Hip-hop is evolving. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it, you know what I’m saying?”

But in saying that, the good Doctor also admitted, “Some of this shit, most of this shit, I don’t like. I don’t listen to a lot of that shit. But I’m not hatin’ on it. I’m never gonna hate on it.”

Dre also discussed Kendrick Lamar being a ‘forever artist saying, “Kendrick is one of those artists that we call ‘forever artists.’ He could disappear for f**king five years or something like that and come back and fuck our heads up, you know?” Dre continued, “Some artists feel like, ‘I have to do something all the time so I won’t be forgotten.’ That’s not him. He can disappear and come back with something that’s shocking, that’s amazing and everyone’s gonna tune in and listen.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the Grammy Award-winning producer, who has produced records for some of the biggest names in hip-hop, including Snoop Doggy Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, and Kendrick Lamar, spoke about why he passed on opportunities to collaborate with Michael Jackson, Prince, and even Stevie Wonder when asked about who he had the opportunity to work with but didn’t. Dr. Dre admitted that “there’s a couple of times in my career where I fucking bowed out.” Elaborating on his thoughts he says, “What the fuck am I going to do with them? Those are my fucking heroes. My entire life and career has been dealing with and working with new artists,” he points out. “That’s what I like. Nobody comes in with an agenda. It’s a ball of clay when they walk in the room. You can just form it and do what you want. That’s what I want. Everybody else, especially my heroes, they’re coming in and there’s a set plan as to how the shit should sound, ya know. I can’t, I can’t explore.”