RBX Drops New Single “Nightstalker” Featuring Krayzie Bone Off Upcoming Album ‘Hibernation Shivers’

Former Death Row Records inmate and DPG co-founder, RBX, is officially releasing his big comeback album titled Hibernation Shivers, produced by Los Angeles production duo Sccit & Siavash The Grouch. The album will initially be released as a CD exclusive on Labcabin Records, followed by a later vinyl & digital release.

In an exclusive statement to Chad Kiser, the Long Beach, California legend said of the upcoming album, “When a bear come outta hibernation, it come out real skinny from the lack of food over that time he spent sleepin. Then a condition known as the hibernation shivers kicks in and the bear gets to shivering for the appetite to awaken, and that’s when we get to eatin! Hibernation Shivers, this album is the first time I’ve been seriously focused on music. Sccit & Siavash motivated me with the heat they been cookin up in the lab. We fully active.”

The emcee, also known as The Narrator for his immaculate diction and larger than life voice, is recognized for his contributions to some of the most revered albums in hip-hop history, including writing a good portion of Dr. Dre’s masterpiece The Chronic as well as appearing on 6 tracks (one of which earned him a Grammy he opted not to collect). “I was never with the Hollywood bullshit,” he said. “I was just there mostly to help the homies out.”

As tensions brewed at Death Row, RBX was the first to leave the label to embark on a solo career. A few years later, RBX re-united with Dr. Dre as one of the first artists on his Aftermath Entertainment label, appearing on Eminem’s classic The Marshall Mathers LP. “I didn’t even know what the song was really for,” said RBX. “Dre just called me and told me he needs me to help on his new artists’ album and I was there. All of a sudden he’s the biggest thing in hip-hop.”

The hibernation shivers is a condition which a bear experiences after ceasing hibernation, which coincides with RBX returning from his absence in the rap game. “Connecting with Sccit & Siavash was divine intervention,” he said. “I was in a funk when they came to me with the idea to do the album. Shit woke me up. This is the first time I’m really taking music serious. Too many clowns always trying to sell you out, I always stayed away from that. We on some authentic shit.” The album theme is highlighted in the track “Hibernation” featuring Ras Kass, one of the greatest lyricists in hip-hop history.

However, the first single from the Hibernation Shivers album is the haunting joint, “Nightstalker”, featuring Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs~N~Harmony, which sees RBX & Krayzie detail their re-imagining of the infamous Los Angeles serial killer, as RBX proclaims, “3-6 killa!”

“It’s definitely an honor to be able to say I’m on a track with RBX. I mean, we talking about somebody who, to us (Bone Thugs), was the voice of The Chronic album. The Narrator is undeniable,” said Krayzie Bone.

Sccit & Siavash The Grouch, who are known for producing Fatlip’s sophomore LP Torpor (which included the controversial Pharcyde reunion song “My Bad”), took matters into their own hands when they noticed RBX wasn’t getting his proper due. “RBX is an innovator in the game and an unsung legend in west coast hip-hop. His humility makes it difficult for him to get the shine he deserves in an industry full of snakes and vultures. He was never with the fuckery. So when we started working with X, we quickly realized how bad he was being disrespected by those who were supposed to be closest to him and we made it a personal mission to give him that concentrated effort hip-hop was missing,” said Sccit.

Siavash added, “The Narrator has one of the most unique voices and styles in music. We always wanted to give him his flowers and bring attention back to an OG fulla flava like RBX. On this album I feel like we captured the essence of what a west coast record is in an attempt to bring back the art of putting out legit albums.”

The highly anticipated album includes a star-studded line-up of golden era emcees including: MC Eiht, Project Pat, Spice 1, Daz Dillinger, Ras Kass, Krayzie Bone, Cold 187um, Fatlip and more.

Hibernation Shivers is set to release August 25th, 2023