Xzibit Cites Upcoming ‘King Maker’ Songs “The Moment” (Featuring Busta Rhymes x Problem) & Dem Jointz-Produced “Everywhere I Go” Among His Favorite Work

During a wide-ranging interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, west coast emcee Xzibit spoke on working with Dr. Dre, Eminem, King T, and Snoop Dogg, and explained the stories behind some of his most iconic songs like “Bitch Please” and “Paparazzi”.

At the 27:12 mark of the interview, host Big Boy poses the question to Xzibit if he has 3 songs of his that are his favorite songs. X responds by saying, “Yes, but they’re not out yet. I made something that I feel is going to be better than anything I’ve ever dropped. There’s a song called “The Moment” with me, Busta Rhymes and Problem. And then there’s a song called “Everywhere I Go” that I just got done and I can’t stop listening to this record. Shout out to Dem Jointz.”

In other parts of the interview, Mr. X To Tha Z remembers performing for 250,000 people, recounts how he started working with Dr. Dre with the song “Bitch Please”, recalls hosting Pimp My Ride, discusses the Up In Smoke tour, and shares his previous stage names, as well as revealing that his next album, King Maker, might be his last solo project.