KayGee Of Naughty By Nature & RL Of Next Talk Eazy-E & 2Pac During Murder Master Music Show Interview

KayGee and RL of Next By Nature, a combination of multi-platinum rap Group Naughty By Nature and R&B group Next, chopped it up with the Murder Master Music Show about the two groups teaming up for a single and forthcoming album. 

While on the show, KayGee reflected on producing for Eazy-E when Dr. Dre left N.W.A. Also, RL of Next reflects on getting a call from Afeni Shakur after 2Pac’s Until The End Of Time was released. 

On the subject of RL’s call with Afeni Shakur after 2Pac’s Until The End Of Time, RL said, “It’s all about the relationships you have because anybody could’ve been on that record. Dave Hollister could’ve been on that record. I was in LA and I got a call and they said, “You have to learn this song. Go to the record store, back when they had record stores, buy this record by Mister, Mister, learn this hook, and be at the studio tomorrow!” I went to the studio the next day, sang the record as hard as I could, and they said it was good enough.”

“The thing was it was supposed to be the second single. I’ll never forget I got a call from Afeni Shakur and she asked me for my mother’s address and phone number. I asked her if I was in trouble, and she said, “No, I’m sending your Mom flowers. You brought my son’s record to life, and thank you!”, next thing you know instead of being the second single it ended up being the first single.”

KayGee spoke on being one of the producers Eazy-E was looking to work with at the time saying, “It was so cool man! It was unfortunate at the time, I’m a big fan of Dr. Dre, who’s not? Everything wasn’t working out with them so Eazy was looking for other producers to work with and I’m one of the ones he tapped. It’s such an honor! I’m a student of the game. NWA was groundbreaking and arguably might be one of the greatest groups of all time period! When Eazy-E tapped me to work with him on some stuff it was an honor. It’s still an honor til this day! I look at his plaque all the time and just say thank you, man! The time we were working on that is when we were working on the Hip Hop Horray, that’s why he is in that video!”