MBNel & Doodie Lo Drag You Down To The “Other Side”

MBNel teams up with Doodie Lo for his sinister new single “Other Side” out on March 3rd via THE MUDDY BOYZ/EMPIRE. This ominous track comes from Nel’s forthcoming EP Started in The South dropping March 17th. Flipping the switch from his previous introspective single “Don’t Say,” Nel taps into his inner demon unleashing a menacing flow, laced with venomous lyrics, warning his opps not to come near: “left blood in the sheets, he got put to sleep.” 

The track is driven by boastful horns and ominous piano keys that are paired with a ghostly opera vocal sample mimicking the effects of a siren luring you to the other side. Nel and Doodie play off each other’s energies as if they’re two devils sitting on your shoulders tempting you to indulge in some of your more repressed urges. The video features the pair racing around Atlanta in a blacked-out Benz warning anybody who steps to them that they’ll be sent to the other side.