Flourish$Prosper Music Group Announces MC Random’s Album “Preatus: PRE” Dropping In March

Flourish$Prosper Music Group, the cutting-edge music distribution, and indie label services agency, proudly announces the upcoming release of MC Random‘s album Preatus: PRE in March. The album will be available on all digital streaming platforms and promises to deliver an innovative and captivating listening experience for fans of the genre.

MC Random, a talented and multifaceted artist, has become renowned for his annual “hiatus” in February. During this time, he embarks on a personal journey to “cleanse” by abstaining from consuming red meat, smoking weed, and drinking. This period of reflection and rejuvenation has become a cornerstone of his creative process and serves as a foundation for the inspiration behind Preatus: PRE.

Founded by long-time music tech entrepreneur, Alberto Martinez Jr., Flourish$Prosper Music Group has quickly become a driving force in the music industry. The agency’s focus on providing unparalleled services and support to independent artists has led to an impressive roster of clients and a growing reputation for excellence.

MC Random’s Preatus: PRE is an album that explores the depths of personal growth and creative expression. The tracks delve into themes of self-discovery, reflection, and the struggles of everyday life. Each song delivers a unique and engaging experience that showcases MC Random’s dynamic range and powerful voice.

Preatus: PRE is an album that is deeply personal to MC Random. It is a reflection of his journey toward self-awareness and self-improvement. The album showcases his personal growth and development and is a testament to his commitment to his craft.

Flourish$Prosper Music Group’s founder, Alberto Martinez Jr., had this to say about the upcoming release, “We are thrilled to be releasing another Preatus with MC Random. His commitment to personal growth and his dedication to his craft is truly inspiring. ‘Preatus: PRE’ is an album that is sure to captivate hip hop heads and we can’t wait to see the impact it will have on independent hip hop.”

MC Random has become a beloved and respected artist in underground hip-hop circles, known for his dynamic freestyles and captivating performances. His unique approach to music and his commitment to personal growth has made him an inspiration to many aspiring and veteran artists.

Preatus: PRE includes a total of 12 tracks produced by an array of exceptionally talented producers. The album includes collaborations with renowned artists such as Apakalips, Jizzm, Brother Maas, Boog E. Bryant, Mike Towns, KNVRS, Tay da Crown, O.G. Bobby Ne’gro, and Monstroe. The album’s production credits go to the likes of Random, Broadway, Chop Lui, and Diseize84. Preatus: PRE promises to showcase MC Random’s unique style and wide range of musical capabilities, with each track providing a distinctive and captivating listening experience.

With the release of MC Random’s Preatus: PRE, Flourish$Prosper Music Group is poised to continue its upward trajectory in the industry. The agency’s commitment to supporting independent artists and providing unparalleled services and support is a testament to its dedication to excellence.

Flourish$Prosper Music Group’s announcement of MC Random’s album Preatus: PRE is an exciting development for Los Angeles hip-hop. The album promises to be a unique and engaging listening experience that explores the depths of personal growth and creative expression. Flourish$Prosper Music Group’s commitment to supporting independent artists and providing unparalleled services and support is a testament to its dedication to excellence. 

Check out MC Random’s Preatus: PRE tracklist below:

1. Eve 2 – prod by Random

2. Slizzap f/ Apakalips – prod by Random

3. Reign Supreme f/ Jizzm – prod by Broadway

4. 3 the Hard Way f/ Brother Maas, Boog E. Bryant – prod by Random

5. 51 Grams – prod by Chop Lui

6. Planning 4 – prod by Diseize84

7. Can’t Get Enough f/ Mike Towns – prod by Broadway

8. Microphone Control – prod by Chop Lui

9. Back Home f/ KNVRS – prod by Random

10. Memories of Tomorrow  – prod by Random

11. Easy Never Pays Well f/ Jizzm – prod by Jizzm

12. Outer Limits f/ Boog E. Bryant, Tay da Crown, O.G. Bobby Ne’gro, Monstroe – prod by Random