DJ Muggs & Meyhem Lauren Prep “Fresh Out The Water” Single Ahead Of New ‘Champaign For Breakfast’ Project

DJ Muggs and Meyhem Lauren are doing another collaborative team-up, this time with the upcoming Champaign For Breakfast, and have the new single off the project, “Fresh Out The Water”, dropping later this week.

The duo released the Members Only EP in 2019, a four-track set was the third release from the pair following the Gems From The Equinox LP in 2017 and the Frozen Angels EP, which dropped in 2018.

Chad Kiser spoke to both Meyhem and Muggs for a HipHopDX exclusive in 2019 to talk about the Members Only EP, the making of “Aztec Snowflakes” and how they each inspire each other among other things.

Check out the “Fresh Out The Water” and Champaign For Breakfast announcement from DJ Muggs below: