MC Eiht Talks GTA & Kendrick Lamar; Ant Banks Reflects On Too Short Turning Down O-Dog Role, + More On Pt. 3 Of No Vultures Podcast

Multi-platinum producer and “Oaktown Funk” originator Ant Banks, along with the pioneering and legendary Compton’s Most Wanted frontman MC Eiht, recently sat down with Lord Rab and the No Vultures podcast, ahead of the Soul Beat Concert Series Presents: Menace II Society show at The New Parish in Oakland, California, to talk about a myriad of topics.

During part 3 of the interview, Ant Banks reflects on Too Short turning down the role of O-Dog in Menace II Society, while MC Eiht talks about GTA and Kendrick Lamar among other topics discussed with the west coast legends.

In previous installments of this interview, Ant banks detailed how he and Pooh-Man connected and created the Oakland weed anthem “Fuckin’ Wit’ Dank”, connecting with Too Short and Jive Records as an artist/producer, and more. MC Eiht, who starred as A-Wax in the blockbuster film Menace II Society, spoke on taking on the role in the Hughes Brothers film and the impact the movie had on his career.

Additional discussions with the “Murder At Night” collaborators focused on how Kool G Rap was one of the first artists to bring gangster-type music into hip-hop, how Eiht grew up listening to Parliament FunkadelicThe StylisticsKraftwerk, and Ant Banks detailed how Kurtis BlowGrandmaster Flash and the Furious FiveMelle Mel, and others were the soundtrack to coming up in Oakland during his early years and more.

Check out part 3 of the No Vultures podcast interview with Ant Banks & MC Eiht below: