Super Bowl XLIX Champion Tim Wright Blazes New Trails In Technology With Headphones For Music Lovers — Including Those Who Are Deaf & Hard-Of-Hearing

Tim Wright secured his place in NFL annals — catching six touchdowns from Tom Brady — and ultimately, winning Super Bowl XLIX with the New England Patriots. Today, the Super Bowl champ, recently featured in Forbes, is once again making history as chief strategic officer of Dome Audio, the world’s first tech developer to produce “4D Fidelity, Surreal Sound, Bone, and Air Conduction” headphones. However, unlike any other consumer headphone product on the market, Dome Audio’s OneSound® D4 Headphones can also deliver a high-fidelity sound experience to users who are deaf/hard of hearing.

Tim Wright, New England Patriots, NFL Super Bowl XLIX Championship
Tim Wright, New England Patriots, NFL Super Bowl XLIX Championship

“After winning the Super Bowl, it was important for me to leverage my influence and harness the business acumen gained from the NFL to fulfill my life’s purpose. I’ve always been intrigued with smart, innovative technology, then one day my close friend, Ben White, asked me to check out a new concept in a headphone that he’d just developed. After experiencing them, I was blown away and I said to him, ‘the future is now!’ It’s been an absolute honor to be instrumental in bringing a consumer tech product to market that actually softens barriers — enabling people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing to enjoy high-fidelity musical experiences alongside those who can hear,” said Wright in a press release.

Not long after hearing the headphones, Wright joined Founder and IP Developer Ben White, to become a co-founder and CSO at Dome Audio Inc. 

Dome Audio’s OneSound® D4 model is the first headphone utilizing 4x-patented, Surreal-Sound Bone Conduction to produce a superior sound performance for a rich musical and entertainment experience. 

Typically, headphones cover the ear canal, pushing sound vibrations through the air into the eardrum to be processed by the cochlea. Dome Audio’s OneSound® D4 Headphone sits comfortably on the outside of the ear. Its advanced engineering is housed in a proprietary design aesthetic that is fashionable, thoughtful, and modern. OneSound® D4 Headphones come with interchangeable noise-isolation Dome Covers that offer two listening options — an open-ear mode to enable ambient sound or a closed-ear mode for a deeply-immersive experience.

“The NFL Super Bowl 2022 brought in a new era for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Deaf performers, Warren “Wawa” Snipes and Sean Forbes seriously represented, signing for the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime show. Having witnessed such a historic event, I know that Dome Audio is ushering in the future of sound!”

To learn more about Dome Audio, visit the Dome website here.