Zoe Osama & The New Cartel Make Seismic Noise With New 6-Track “Big Deal” EP

Los Angeles Hip-Hop artist Zoe Osama has had one impactful year in 2022. As one of the first artists to have a video co-signed and released under the famed podcast, No Jumper, Zoe is arguably the frontrunner for the most anticipated project coming in 2023.

2022’s Underrated and its title song became the street anthem starting with a simple statement to express what underground fans were all saying about him. The single grabbed the attention of some of the biggest music legends and respected radio and media including, Snoop Dogg, Suga Free, DJ Hed and Chuck Dizzle of Homegrown Radio, Justin Credible of LA Leakers, DJ Carisma with an exclusive interview for Rolling Loud’s Saturday Night Loud on Power 106 and was even named as part of the LA Freshman Class of 2022 for “A Day in LA Magazine.”

At hip-hop’s roots, it’s always been a crowning moment to be responsible for a new, fresh sound, and it’s only fitting that his new EP is called Big Deal and, in some ways, an understated tone. Zoe says, “I created a tape as a gift to the DJs that rocked with me.” With the help of producers Zeke Beats, LFinguz, Mmmonthabeat, DJ Idea, and Dreas & Nacho, Zoe’s first words move the needle in a seismic way. Even when the streets are easily giving Zoe the spotlight and reaching across color lines, he has always stood on giving what the people want and only be measured by the noise he continues to create.

Big Deal with a solid 6 songs, 15 minutes 35 seconds in its entirety, is picking up where Underrated left off and expanding his sound that will appeal to the masses. He hits you from the start with “50 N***** Deep” and doesn’t let up until the 6th and final track, “Nobody”. Zoe knows this and masterfully understands his audience. He keeps in line with the formula and not all the way departing from the sound that continues to trance his daily expanding audience. His cadence remains, coupled with his high-pitched voice with bite and a carefully executed grit is unmatched, and the industry is taking notice. The music slaps and the melodic g-funk beats with Big Deal will give the rest of the country what LA was meant to sound like at a time when many believe that LA has lost its way. Zoe’s intention is to remind them of what it takes to continue making classic projects and visuals to put you in a Westcoast groove in any region.

The drop of Big Deal may be loud, but he will still proudly state that he is the most underrated rapper in the city. This drop is for both sides of the 110. It’s about unity! The EP will make you move, dance, and have a good time as west coast music has always done. As DJ Carisma, DJ for Power 106 said, “Zoe has a real good ear and he is picking real good beats, slappers and that is what the Westcoast is missing right now!” Zoe has ‘switched lanes’ and headed to the top at full speed with this new generation of west coast music.

Check out the Big Deal EP from Zoe Osama and The New Cartel below: