Spice 1 Talks Being Cut From “Fame” With 2Pac, Working With Ant Banks, Ice-T, New Album With MC Eiht + More On I Only Touch Greatness Podcast

West coast rap legend Spice 1 recently sat down with the podcast in Vancouver, Canada called I Only Touch Greatness. During the episode Spice 1 talks about growing up in the Bay Area and the early influences on his life, his first time meeting 2pac, and what went into making the “Street General” song.

Podcast host B-Styles tells stories about when he met Spice 1, and brought him over to his familys house for dinner and asked about his nickname Chico, and the time he was doing burn outs in front of Too Short’s mother’s house. Ryan Haze then asks to know a story about Dru Down because they hope to interview him soon.

Spice 1 also talks about all of his albums and what it was like working with Freddy Gibbs, Ant Banks, Rick Ross, Ice-T and more with a few good stories about them all.

The interview includes a discussion on record label rule 4080 and how every artist should learn the rules of the game, MC Eiht, Mac Dre, Redd Foxx, Seagram, Snoop Dogg and how he was cut out of the 2Pac song “Fame”, and more.

Check out the I Only Touch Greatness interview with Spice 1 below: