Ice-T Says Part 3 Of Feds Trilogy “The Hanging” Will Drop This Year

Ice-T, the iconic west coast emcee/actor and Grammy Award-winning artist, recently shared an update on “The Hanging”, part 3 and the finale of the ‘Feds’ trilogy.

In 2019, Ice-T released videos to parts 1 & 2, “Too Old For Dumb Shit” which starred his wife Coco and his then 3-year-old daughter Chanel Nicole, and “Feds In My Rearview” off from The Foundation album via Legends Recordings Group.

Ice spoke to AllHipHop in 2019 when “Too Old For Dumb Shit” dropped: “I said, ‘You know what? I’ve been in film, what if I made a trilogy where the videos were as important as the song and do one, two, three songs that tell like a story of this criminal that’s going through these different things. So the ‘Feds’ trilogy is three songs, I did it out of order like George Lucas [Star Wars]. I’m releasing ‘Too Old For The Dumb Shit,’ which is actually Part 1 in the series.”

The west coast OG has confirmed that the DJ Ace-produced “The Hanging” song is completed, but that the wait for the music video which was delayed due to Covid, will soon come to an end as the the music video will drop this year.

Check out the latest update from Ice- T below about the Feds Trilogy finale, “The Hanging”, below: