J-Dee Of Da Lench Mob Wants Snoop Dogg To Sign Him To Death Row Records & Make History

Once a part of Ice Cube’s group Da Lench Mob via Street Knowledge Records, rapper J-Dee, who has been releasing new music independently since returning home from incarceration, is now looking to join forces with another west coast label, the historic and iconic Death Row Records.

In an Instagram post earlier day, J-Dee reached out to Snoop Dogg saying, “I’M MOVING AROUND IN 2023. Snoop You Need To Sign Me To Death Row Records And Let’s Make Some History Cuzzo”

In early 2022, Snoop Dogg announced that he had purchased the storied west coast label from MNRK Music Group.

J-Dee released J-Dee’s Revenge Vol. 1: Success is My Revenge EP last year, a 6-track project featuring appearances from KokaneSqueak Ru of Allfrumtha IGlasses MaloneKuruptRas Kass, and others.

J-Dee has also released a couple of visuals recently including “My City” featuring Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound, “Out In Them Streets” featuring Tha ChillEddie G, and DJ K-Style, as well as being featured on projects from MC RenTha ChillDazzie Dee, and others.