Mopreme Shakur Talks Growing Up With 2Pac, The Outlawz Formation, Quad Studios Shooting + More On I Only Touch Greatness Podcast

Mopreme Shakur, the step-brother of the iconic Tupac Shakur, stopped by the I Only Touch Greatness podcast to sit down with host Ryan Haze and co-hosts to discuss his childhood growing up with 2pac, the early days of Thug Life, how the forming of the group The Outlawz happened, and the first song that blew 2pac’s career up “Same Song” with Digital Underground.

Mopreme also discusses the movie Poetic Justice with Janet Jackson and the infamous HIV test she made 2Pac take before filming the movie, the famous scene of 2Pac coming out of the court room spitting on reporters and camera men, the Quad Studios in New York shooting, getting out of jail and going right to the studio to record All Eyez On Me, and much more.

Check out the interview with Mopreme Shakur on the I Only Touch Greatness podcast below: