Scott Bejda & The Murder Master Music Show Celebrate 25 Years Covering Hip-Hop Pioneers & Underground Talent 

Not only was The Murder Master Music Show one of hip-hop’s first podcasts, but its second run from 2012-2022 makes it one of the longest-running podcasts.

The Murder Master Music Show originally started in 2004 as a way for the host, Scott Bejda to promote upcoming interviews he was doing for Murder Dog Magazine and Street Masters Magazine at the time. It was formatted just like a podcast, but that term had only been coined that same year making it one of hip-hop’s original podcasts. MMMS would also play songs off of upcoming albums he was reviewing for Murder Dog Magazine and blend in segments of interviews giving his audience a rare look into the life of a music journalist.

The show originally lasted from 2004-2008 and ran every Friday at 9 pm CST. It was advertised heavily in both publications and was featured on various artists’ websites like Tech N9ne of Strange Music and BG of Cash Money Records to name a few. This was before YouTube, but the underground rap world knew about it. Anyone that followed Bejda’s work, especially in Murder Dog, which was one of the most respected platforms in hip-hop, especially the underground, knew about his show.

After four years he decided to focus solely on writing again and retired from the show in 2008. That same year Street Masters ended after a 5-year run. Ironically that publication had just won the SEA Magazine of the Year only to shut down for good a few months later.

Fast forward another 4 years to 2012, Bejda knew that Murder Dog was not far from closing its doors for good and saw the emergence of YouTube. He brought back the Murder Master Music Show in May of 2012, but this time did his podcast live with the first guest being Houston Pioneering emcee K-Rino. Since the first episode of the return, Bejda has done almost 900 episodes in the last ten years making it one of rap’s longest-running podcasts.

My first run was more underground, but we were still known by those who supported our platform. The second running beginning in 2012 has been amazing because we have broken through to having our content featured on every major music news platform to even stuff as big as People, NY Post or USA Today! But more importantly, I made good friends like the late DJ Ready Red who hosted our 100th Ann. special with us.”

Since its return, MMMS has broken hundreds of stories with other top media platforms featuring content from the show. In 2016 when having MC Shan on as a guest the show didn’t think it would have just contributed to reigniting the legendary “Bridge Wars”. While on the show Shan spit battle Bars aimed at KRS-One, which in turn kicked off a back-and-forth between the two. Both Shan and KRS traded diss tracks and videos entertaining the culture all these years later.

The podcast’s legendary interviews with the late Jerry Heller landed the show in documentaries, books, and all over the internet. Other notable shows included Eminem‘s bodyguard Big Naz, Jamal Simmons of the Flatlinerz, and hundreds of others. The podcast’s numbers don’t reflect the amount of press it has generated over the years, but show loyalists keep it going strong just as Murder Dog readers did for two decades.

“I was blessed to spend 15 years with Murder Dog and learned a great deal from them! Black Dog showed me how important longevity was. Never give up! That’s the approach and mentality I have with MMMS. Every episode before you hear the intro I have some drops playing with the song Conquest by Bill Conti. It was the fight song from Rocky II, III, & 6. It represents the fight and the struggle for underground music journalists. I get overlooked just like many of the artists I cover. I’m in the trenches with them, always have been, always will be!” 

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