Mount Westmore Releases “Snoop Cube 40 $hort” Album Featuring Production From Rick Rock, Ant Banks, ProHoeZak, Shawn Ski, Soopafly, Fredwreck, Dem Jointz, Big Zeke, P-Lo, + More

Mount Westmore, the west coast supergroup made up of west coast royalty and icons Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40, and Too Short, just dropped their highly-anticipated, long-awaited 16-track Snoop Cube 40 $hort album.

The new album features stellar production from an all-star cast including Rick Rock, Ant Banks & Big Zeke of Space 80Seven Productions, Soopafly, ProHoeZak, Fredwreck, Dem Jointz, P-Lo, Kato On The Track, Shawn Ski & We Got Hits Productions, and others.

The uber rap group dropped three momentum-building music videos off the project, the Cam Busby-directed Free Game, the Marc WoodDah DahTajvs Taj & Jae Synth-directed Too Big featuring P-Lo, and the Marc Wood & Robert Redd-directed “Activated,” via Mount Westmore/MNRK Music Group.

Earlier this week, the iconic west coast quartet dropped a teaser trailer for an upcoming Mount Westmore documentary, showing behind-the-scenes footage of the group’s endeavors together.

Check out the Snoop Cube 40 $hort album from Mount Westmore below:

The four have consistently been at the forefront of pivoting hip-hop from the streets to lifestyle culture worldwide, helping to create hip-hop as a business. Snoop’s August 12 release of Day Shift with Jamie Foxx is the #1 streaming movie on Netflix; he has had his hands in just about everything in pop culture; his endorsement of Corona is a viral moment that features comedian and SNL alumni Andy Samberg, his Snoop Loopz cereal gives back to help tackle homelessness and feed needy families, he has a cannabis product line Leafs By Snoop, he hosted a new comedy special on Netflix, and his latest acquisition of Death Row Records’ brand, the label that launched his remarkable career. The mogul has continuously stacked his resume beyond music.

After Ice Cube made a name for himself in the groundbreaking multi-platinum-selling group N.W.A, he has become an esteemed screenwriter, director, and lead actor, garnering billions at the domestic box office since his first feature in 1991, John Singleton’s historic Boyz N The Hood. His history-making professional basketball league, BIG3, is one of the most exciting new sports leagues.

E-40 ignited the Bay area hyphy movement to become a worldwide phenomenon. He continues to build his business empire within the spirits industry with his wine brand, Earl Stevens Function Red Blend, and his Tycoon Cognacs. E-40 has also expanded his entrepreneurial pursuits in food-related ventures with a local California lumpia restaurant and his Goon With The Spoon food brand.

The whole world knows Too Short’s favorite word is “Bitch,” the most famous line in his 2006 hit “Blow The Whistle,” a mainstay in American culture that to this day can be heard shouted throughout the club any time the track is spun.

With such successful careers, it only makes sense that these hip-hop legends would team up to represent the West coast by continuing their legacies through music, tour, and other business ventures. “E-40 and Too $hort hail from the Bay, while Snoop Dogg and Cube are from LA, and we are like the West Coast foundation,” Too $hort said.