Strange Music Artist X-Raided Drops New Henry Cavill-Inspired Single “Kal-El”

Strange Music artist X-Raided just dropped his latest single, the Henry Cavill-inspired “Kal-El”.

In an Instagram post X-Raided said about the song, “This song is very important to me. I want to make music that inspires people. I want to make thought provoking art. This song is a legitimate demonstration of what I have come here to do. You can expect more of this from me. I want to uplift people. I want to be a source of motivation, positivity and encouragement for those who may not yet have accepted that they are indeed special. The logo on Superman’s chest stands for hope, and is the symbol of the House of El, which means “House of God” in Hebrew; just as “Kal-El” means “Voice of God” in Hebrew. And with that Voice I say to you: “fly high and get in the light.”

Earlier this week, the Sacramento, California artist was featured with Tech N9ne, SimeonGarrett Raff in the official music video for the ItsNicklus & Freek van Workum-produced song “Still Right Here” from Tech’s Asin9ne album. 

Check out the “Kal-El” single from X-Raided below: