Psycho Les Talks Meeting JuJu & Forming The Beatnuts, Big Pun’s Pranks, The Notorious B.I.G. + More On The I Only Touch Greatness Podcast

Hip-hop great Psycho Les from the legendary group The Beatnuts joined the Vancouver, Canada podcast I Only Touch Greatness this past week to talk his career, once again this hip hop episodes was co-hosted by Kansas City, Missouri’s Prince Allen.

The interview starts off talking about his childhood growing up in Queens, New York and when he first started recording music, and how he first me his Beatnuts partner JuJu. Psycho Les then tells a story about how the group name became The Beatnuts, when it started as The Beatkings, until a trip to Africa, and how DJ Red Alert put the world onto The Beatnuts name.

Psycho Les then goes on the tell a story about what it was like being around Big Pun, and the pranks he would play. He then talks about the story of when he first met The Notorious B.I.G. but it was right before biggies house got raided by the feds.

Psycho Les also tells stories about how his beat was copied by “Trashmasters” meaning Trackmasters, assumedly. Les says they copied his beat and used it for the Jennifer Lopez song “Jenny From The Block”.

Check out the Pycho Les interview with the I Only Touch Greatness podcast below: