Erotic D Drops New Single “I Am”

Erotic D just dropped another heater this week called “I Am”, taken from Erotic D’s 2020 album King Shit. The Dallas, Texas pioneer, known for his work with artists like Dr. DreMC BreedThe D.O.C.George ClintonAdina Howard, and others, continues to drop musical gems on us.

Since early October, Erotic D has released a new single/video each week, the first being a Run-DMC “Rock Box”-inspired new track entitled “Iron Throne”.

The second track released in this series was from Gun Shot Residue, the father-son duo of Erotic-D and EvryDay Tony, with “Halloween (Fuck Mike)”. The song is a tribute to the month of Halloween. Produced by Erotic-D for E-World Multimedia, GSR warns that Michael Myers, the fictional character from the Halloween series of slasher films, would be in trouble if he ever encountered these two.

Rounding out October, Erotic D dropped “My New Shit” from the upcoming album Ruthless, and kicked off November by dropping the “Pussy Beater” track.

Check out the new “I Am” track from Erotic D below: