Marley Pitch Releases New Single “Broken” Ahead Of Forthcoming LP ‘Nocturne’

Alternative hip-hop artist Marley Pitch has dropped his introspective new single “Broken” along with a self-directed music video. The supporting visual, which was shot and edited by Dana Verdecchio, was directed by Pitch himself and features the artist exploring the loneliness of Brooklyn, New York after dark. 

Marking the first single off of his upcoming album Nocturne, “Broken” is a thought-provoking piece with powerfully evocative lyrics over moody lofi-beats. With this single, Marley Pitch aims to be transparent and honest about his depression, thoughts of suicide, and prescription drug abuse, while focusing on his journey toward self-acceptance.

“‘Broken’ is the first single from my forthcoming collaboration album with instrumentalist and producer Justice Der. Broken truly encapsulates the depression and introspection we expressed throughout the whole album. Sonically this record predominantly pulls from 90’s rap/R&B but straddles the line with reggae, alternative rock and acid jazz,” Pitch states.

“Broken” is written and performed by Marley Pitch with guest vocals from Toronto-based artist Maria Aragon, and produced by Justice Der.

Marley Pitch is a multi-genre artist born in Atlanta, Georgia but has spent most of his life in a few cities within North Carolina. Pitch relies heavily on vivid storytelling using surgical wordplay and pop-feeling melodies to share his own views on the highs and lows of the human condition. He wants to stand for something and you can hear that so blatantly in records like “Metallic.” All while still finding the tempos to move the limbs and bodies of all ages. He began songwriting at the age of eleven while simultaneously honing his natural skills in digital graphic arts while going through multiple aliases along the way until landing on the middle name his parents gifted him at birth.

Marley was born to a Ghanaian mother and Zimbabwean, Zambian, and South African father. As he’s come of age he’s begun to wear his culture as well as others on his back to become a true artist of the world. Spend enough time on his discography and you will hear a true student of music. Marley started uploading his first recordings with the stand-out single “Habits” in 2017 and has been refining his sound and brand independently since.

Marley Pitch’s new self-released album Nocturne will contain eleven new tracks and is set to hit streaming platforms on December 9, 2022.

Check out “Broken” from Marley Pitch below: