E-40 & Channel Tres To Hit The Festival Stage Of The Harvest Ball 2022 For The Culture Of California Cannabis

Since the inaugural Harvest Ball in 2021, the Emerald Cup organization has given a home to the Bay Area Hyphy Movement with the high-wattage performance from Keak the Sneak. This year, the Emerald Cup Harvest Ball 2022 continues the tradition by bringing in Hyphy legend E-40 as the festival’s headline, but has added a SoCal presence with co-headliner, Compton-raised-and-rising artist Channel Tres, whose refreshingly unique sound and flair will bring added eccentricity and smoothness that ticket holders expect when attending Emerald Cup events.

The merging of Bay Area and L.A. hip-hop styles is a direct correlation to the ongoing effort by the Emerald Cup to bridge the gap between Northern California and Southern California cannabis communities and cultures.

California is known for its unique and diverse communities that often come together to celebrate everyone’s identity and individualism. Regionally, SoCal and NorCal are like siblings who have different interests in vibe, style, and sound. There is constant discussion and debate over who reigns supreme, but overall, they respect each other’s eccentricities and differences. Cannabis’ most revered community organization Emerald Cup (www.theemeraldcup.com), has earned a reputation for showcasing the world’s best weed and for celebrating the farmers and craftspeople who bring it to market each year. Founder Tim Blake has also curated his events to be a destination for discovery in all forms where cannabis lovers can explore the playlists from musical artists descending from all over the world.

The 2022 Emerald Cup Harvest Ball will be held December 10th – 11th.