Supergroup Mount Westmore Discuss Making New Album “Snoop, Cube, 40, $HORT” & Share Track Previews During Digital Q&A

Last night (November 8), Chad Kiser was in attendance during a digital Q&A session with Too Short, Ice Cube, and E-40 of the west coast supergroup Mount Westmore, the three icons previewed new music from their upcoming Snoop, Cube, 40, $HORT album, releasing on December 9th, and answered questions from a host of writers and media outlets.

Kicking off the Q&A session, Mount Westmore shared five tracks of their forthcoming release. First up was the P-Lo-produced single “Too Big”, followed by “Motto” which is produced by multi-platinum producer Rick Rock. The third song previewed, “Up Down”, was introduced as a song for the women. Rounding out the song previews was the Soopafly-produced “Lace You Up”, with “Have A Nice Day” (a Fredwreck production) ending the exclusive listening session.

When Nicole Duncan Smith of AllHipHop posed the question of what makes them so powerful and special compared to all of the other mega groups that ever kind of come together, Ice Cube responded with, “It’s because of our years in the game. We all got at least three decades. I don’t know when there’s ever been a group to come together as a real group that’s been in the game as long as we have. I think this is really the first time artists of our magnitude attempted something like this.”

Cube continued saying, “You’ve had it done in the past with other groups, but they were earlier in their career. I even did it with Westside Connection, but my career was less than 10 years old at the time. I think that’s what makes this the most dynamic.”

E-40 replied to Craig Lee of BET‘s inquisition of how after 3 decades they were able to go into the studio and pull the motivation together to knock out the songs saying, “All of us got solo careers and we’ve been in groups, but it’s easier when you’re in a group because all you gotta do is spit one verse. We spit a verse a piece and it’s groovy like a drive-in movie!”

Too Short added, “Ain’t nobody dusting off nothing, man. Since 1980-something I’ve been doing shows all through the years, all year round. If rap was a sport, I’d stay in the game. I’ve been flexing and exercising, [doing] features, recording, we own multiple studios…I don’t think there was any cobwebs or any kind of how are gonna [do this]. Every dude was on point!”

The Mount Westmore album Snoop, Cube, 40, $HORT will be released on all platforms on December 9th!