Veteran Music Executive Stan Sheppard Talks Saving Black Youth, The State Of Hip-Hop, DJ Quik, Suga Free + More On The NH Experience Podcast

Music executive and industry veteran Stan Sheppard, the former co-owner of SheppardLane Records which was home to artists like Suga Free and the late great Mausberg, was recently featured on the NH ExperienceTV podcast where he spoke about saving black youth, the current state of hip-hop, DJ Quik, Suga Free and more.

In an effort to curb violent confrontations among young teens in the Chicago area, Stan Sheppard has been going on a public relations campaign to ask the two major radio stations in the city of Chicago, WGCI-FM & 92.3-FM, to curtail playing new songs that may promote gang violence, drug dealing, and manufacturing during daily school hours.

Check out the Stan Sheppard interview with Nick Hamilton on the NH ExperienceTV podcast below: