Mount Westmore (Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40 & Too Short) Doing It “Too Big” With New Single & Video Featuring P-Lo

The west coast supergroup Mount Westmore (Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40 & Too Short) just released their single “Too Big” featuring P-Lo, and an accompanying music video. “Too Big” also features an intro from music producer and icon Dr. Dre, “Ay, it’s doc Dre. I know you niggaz about to do it big.”

The new visual for “Too Big” is directed by Marc WoodDah DahTajvs Taj & Jae Synth

As a deep baseline pulsates and the hi-hats clap, the catchy chorus kicks in “I do it too big, too big, too big,” which reminds us all that it’s okay to be a little cocky sometimes. E-40’s unique vocal delivery echoes at the start of the first verse, followed by Uncle Snoop’s assertive but smooth flow. Ice Cube and Too Short close out the verse as they recount playful interactions with women. Then, in the same order, the rappers continue exchanging bars about their larger-than-life or “Too Big” lives and status as hip-hop legends. The track is produced by P-Lo, who also features in the chorus. This is only the first of what’s to come on their 16-track project.

The single precedes the album Snoop, Cube, 40, Short, due on December 9, 2022. The 16-track project highlights why these four west coast visionaries are iconic trailblazers. Outside of their lyrical abilities, each artist has built their brands and established themselves as household names in hip-hop.

With such successful careers, it only makes sense that these hip-hop legends would team up to represent the West coast by continuing their legacies through music, tour, and other business ventures. “E-40 and Too Short hail from the Bay, while Snoop Dogg and Cube are from LA, and we are like the West Coast foundation,” Too Short said.

Check out the “Too Big” single and music video from Mount Westmore below