Bud’da & Eric Bellinger Show Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Creating “Mecha Builders (Theme Song)”

Earlier this week it was announced that multi-platinum, Emmy Award-winning producer/composer Bud’da has received Grammy Award consideration for writing and producing the theme song to the new Seasame Street series the Mecha Builders for the Cartoon Network and HBO Max. The Grammy Award category this consideration is for is Best Song Written for Visual Media.

The prolific singer-songwriter-producer Eric Bellinger and legendary “I Love Your Smile” singer Shanice perform the Bud’da-produced and written theme song, while the iconic multi-Grammy Award-winning mixer/engineer Richard “Segal” Huredia mixed the theme song.

Today, we have behind-the-scenes footage of Bud’da and Eric Bellinger working on the creation of the “Mecha Builders (Theme Song)”, which can be seen below:

Last year, Bud’da was nominated for two Emmy Awards and won one last year for his production work on the short film Unspeakable, a :60 second PSA that features the voices of the Deaf community.

Bud’da has a long list of accomplishments which include revitalizing the sound of west coast gangsta rap in the mid-’90s by producing the majority of Westside Connection’s double-platinum-selling masterpiece Bow Down, co-producing with Dr. Dre and Aftermath Entertainment, and producing music and writing songs that are being featured in the 50 Cent crime drama Black Mafia Family

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native is also currently writing and producing music for the recently-released documentary Roll Call for The Brick TVRoll Call is a traveling documentary series, hosted by Venice Beach, California roller skate legend Terrell Ferguson, exploring the unique and distinctive skate culture of a new city.