Erotic D Drops Run-DMC “Rock Box”-Inspired “Iron Throne” Music Video

Erotic D, known for his work with pioneering and trailblazing artists like Dr. Dre, MC Breed, The D.O.C., Adina Howard, and others, just dropped a Run-DMC “Rock Box”-inspired new track entitled “Iron Throne”.

In an exclusive statement to Chad Kiser, the Dallas, Texas legend & pioneer had this to say about the new track, “It’s the title song from a project I’ve been secretly writing songs for since 2019. I’ve done three other albums since then because this album has to have a very specific and curated sound.  The song is my love letter to Hip-Hop and my love letter to New York for inventing it. It’s also my thank you letter to Los Angeles for adopting me and giving me the opportunity to be a real voice in this game.  The track is a reimagining of Run-DMC’s “Rock Box” and the image draws from Run-DMC, but has a tribute to Run-DMC for inspiring me to write my early raps. I used to write all of my songs to their instrumentals because I wanted to rap like Run.”

Check out “Iron Throne” from Erotic D below: