Virtual K-Pop artist APOKI Going Global With All-English Single “West Swing” Featuring E-40

APOKI is a virtual K-pop artist with the concept of “a rabbit-like being living somewhere in space,” and belongs to VV Entertainment, a Korean tech startup owned by AFUN INTERACTIVE. She is a pioneering virtual artist who combines K-pop music and choreography with high-tech, beautiful visuals and relatable fashions and personality. Especially her fashion applies the latest and most trendy Korean styles such as crop tops and baggy pants. Also, APOKI appeals the high-quality dance skill through her social media and every released single. Further, she has a social media following topping 4 million. In June of this year, she was ranked number one in the “Top 10 Virtual Influencers in Korea” by the American virtual influencer information site, Virtual Humans. 

Since her debut in February of 2021 with the digital single “Get It Out,” APOKI has released three singles and two Japanese versions of songs, while expanding her fan base not only in Korea and Japan, but also in the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, and all over the world. Although she is a virtual artist, her endearing character has built a fan base made up of mainly women of the MZ generation from all around the world, much like other K-pop artists.

APOKI’s fourth single “West Swing,” featuring E-40, is releasing on Aug. 26, is her first to be written entirely in English and is highly anticipated by fans around the world. Featuring Vallejo and Bay Area legend E-40 and a team of renowned music engineers, this new single will allow APOKI to introduce a younger generation of listeners to the revamped New Jack Swing.

The album was mixed by multi-Grammy Award-winning audio engineer Dave Way, who has worked with such legends as Michael Jackson, TLC, Teddy Riley, Babyface, and many others. Mastering was also headed by Randy Merrill of Sterling Sound, another multi-Grammy winner, resulting in a gorgeous sound. With this new single, APOKI not only tries out new music genres but also offers the retro style fashion that the current MZ generation loves by wearing Dolce & Gabbana suits and Tommy Hilfiger sweat suits in the music video.

It is also interesting to note that behind this work is a collaboration between the Korean tech startup, AFUN INTERACTIVE, and a major Japanese entertainment solutions company, Sony Music Solutions. AFUN INTERACTIVE, which has received numerous awards for its innovative technologies, and Sony Music Solutions, which has extensive knowledge of the Japanese market, where virtual artists and influencers are becoming increasingly active worldwide, have signed a business partnership agreement to support APOKI’s rapid growth. Below are the remarks of DK Kwon, CEO of AFUN INTERACTIVE.

“Sony Group is not only a company that delivers innovative and trustworthy electronics but is also a strong global power in all areas of content, including music, games, and movies. We are looking forward to the various synergies that AFUN INTERACTIVE and Sony will create together as we pioneer a new genre of virtual entertainment. Thanks to Sony’s strong trust and commitment to creating new markets together, we will continue to respond with good content and new technology.”

The latest trends in music and video that are blended into each work is one fun aspect of the APOKI world, and the music video for this single, set to be released on Aug. 26, pays homage to Sony and is also a must-see.

On the release date of “West Swing”, Friday, Aug. 26, from Korea/Japan time 6:00 pm (5:00 am US Eastern Time, 2:00 am US Pacific Time), there will be a Comeback Livestream Event on APOKI’s Official YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok! Come and check out APOKI’s performance, which is drawing attention from all over the world.