Dazzie Dee & J-Dee Prep “30 Years Later” Single From Upcoming ‘Baking Soda’ Album

Dazzie Dee and J-Dee of Da Lench Mob have collaborated for an upcoming WestCoast Stone-produced single entitled “30 Years Later” from Dazzie Dee’s forthcoming Baking Soda album.

In 1988 Dazzie Dee released his first EP, Turn It Loose, which was produced by west coast legends Dr. Dre and Sir Jinx. He was an original member of Ice Cube‘s label Lench Mob Records along with K-Dee, Yo-YoChilly Chill, J-Dee, T-Bone, Shorty, and others. He recorded his first solo album, Where’s My Receipt, with Capitol Records in 1995.

He later re-issued the album as The Re-Birth and released it through Raging Bull Records in 1996 with production done by DJ Battlecat and guest appearances from Ice Cube, CoolioK-Dee, and Tha Chill from Compton’s Most Wanted.

Check out the announcement from Dazzie Dee about “30 Years Later” with Dazzie Dee & WestCoast Stone below: