Music Icon Timbaland Talks NFT’s, His Alter Ego ‘Congo’, Web3 + More On The Admit One Podcast With gmoney

Grammy Award-winning super producer, recording artist, entrepreneur, and now tech disruptor, Timbaland was the latest guest on the Admit One With gmoney Podcast, where he discussed what inspired him to leap head-first into NFTs, introduces his ground-breaking musical NFT alter ego, “Congo”, shares his thoughts on the intersection between the music industry and Web3, and more.

Timbaland, renowned for discovering and incubating some of the best-known musicians in the world, has been the epicenter of countless ground-breaking collaborations across genres and industries. A pioneer now sits at the intersection of music and technology, channeling his incredible talent and energy into the Metaverse with the introduction of Congo, his musical NFT alter ego.  Originally dubbed as Bored Ape #590, Timbaland recently christened him with the singular name “Congo.” The character, part of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) – the culture-creating NFT community living on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, is the first ape to break into a solo music career. Congo’s first song and music video, Has a Meaning first debuted in New York at the “Ape Fest” event surrounding the NFT NY events in June 2022.

In Congo, Timbaland partnered with Zayd Portillo, to produce and direct this first animated music video using Unreal Engine, a 3D creation tool well known for its hyper-realistic visuals and immersive experiences. Listeners will learn how Timbaland and his team have created something never done before by integrating music with web3 to create a new way to release music and videos to the world.

Check out the Admit One With gmoney Podcast featuring Timbaland below: