Stan Sheppard Partners With The Orchard/Sony Music With New ‘We All Can Eat’ Company

Entertainment industry executive Stan Sheppard and digital technology expert/digital aggregator Derrick Nettles, Harold Whaley Jr., and metadata specialist Juanita Purcell have joined together to launch a new innovative company called We All Can Eat Inc. This new venture is designed to assist new artists/labels in distributing their products worldwide and to effectively promote their music via their vast network of musical connections.

Powered by The Orchard/Sony Music, the new agreement paves the way for new artists to break into the marketplace, and additionally, the corporation educates the artist or new company on what steps need to be taken legally, creatively, and financially to build a successful career/label.  The corporation also specializes in collecting monies that are rightfully due to Independent artists from around the globe. Millions of dollars are owed and unrecouped that belong to these new artists and this company knows the doors to knock on to get that cash. 

The company is very selective about who they work with and charges a one-time fee to join its network. That fee will be discussed at the proper time with qualified artists/labels.  We All Can Eat Inc.’s Executive Director of Musical Services Stan Sheppard wants to emphasize and clarify that this company is not like DistroKid or other similar services.

According to Sheppard, each release that is selected has to go through a serious vetting period of 4-6 weeks to check for samples, mixtape beats, and plagiarism issues before it is released.  If selected, the new artist/label will also have the opportunity to speak directly to label executives on extremely important issues at a designated date and time concerning marketing and promotional issues.

Stan Sheppard’s musical list of clients he has launched and managed during his career in rap music while selling over 24 million records worldwide since 1994, includes the multi-platinum/gold-selling artists DJ Quik, DJ Battlecat, KoKane, Suga Free, and Mausberg.