Studio Sessions: Producer CMT Previews New G-Stack Song “I’m So Crazy”

Legendary multi-platinum west coast producer CMT played some new music for Chad Kiser of West Coast Styles during a recent studio session that also included another west coast legend, Ant Banks.

Over the course of his illustrious career CMT has produced music for Ice-T, Spice-1, the Luniz, E-A-Ski, WC, Nate Dogg, Das Efx, Jayo Felony and others.

During the session, CMT played a new track he produced for G-Stack of The Delinquents called “I’m So Crazy”. The track features G-Stack utilizing lyrics from the classic Too Short cut “Cusswords”.

Check out the exclusive video of CMT previewing “I’m So Crazy” featuring G-Stack below: