Houston Icon Scarface Of The Geto Boys Releases Dates For Farewell Tour

Houston rap icon Scarface, along with Willie D & Bushwick Bill put Houston, TX on the map by pioneering their nightmarish imagery, physical abuse, and psychological horror in their songs like their opus “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”. With the release of their debut album, 1989’s Grip It! On That Other Level, on Rap-A-lot Records, the trio known as the Geto Boys would become multi-platinum pioneers. ‘Face blazed his own trail with a multi-platinum solo career, releasing numerous classic albums including his 1991 solo debut Mr. Scarface Is Back, followed by The World Is Yours, The Diary, The Untouchable, and others.

Today (May 17), following an 11-album run over four decades, Scarface is bidding farewell, having announced a 32-city Farewell Tour. The tour kicks off July 8 in Oakland, California and finishes in Odessa, Texas on August 27. Other cities along the tour include Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington, D.C., New York, and Dallas.

Scarface will be joined on the road by his band, Formaldehyde Funkmen.

This past September, ‘Face underwent a kidney transplant operation, in which his son, Christopher Jordan, heroically donated his own kidney and ultimately saved his father’s life.