DJ Daryl Clears Up “415” History With E-A-Ski, Details Experience On No Limit Records, Working With Richie Rich + More With No Vultures Podcast

DJ Daryl, the multi-platinum producer behind the classic “Keep Ya Head Up” song for 2Pac on Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…, was recently featured on the No Vultures podcast where he detailed his experience with Master P and No Limit Records, the backstory on producing Pre-Meditated Drama for Steady Mobb’n, meeting & working with Richie Rich, and producing for Oakland, California’s 415 collective.

When discussing the 415 group, DJ Daryl also took the opportunity to clear up the history of the making of the song “415” from the group’s 1990 debut album 41Fivin. DJ Daryl confirms that the song was an E-A-Ski production, as he recounts the events that led to the song’s creation.

According to DJ Daryl, he had lent his SP-1200 to E-A-Ski, who had made a beat with the famed sampler. When the Ski returned the machine back to DJ Daryl, he had left the sample in the machine and asked Daryl to hold onto it for him. DJ Daryl soon thereafter hit the studio with 415 to work on their album, and when he powered up the SP-1200, E-A-Ski’s beat immediately began to play. Richie Rich heard the beat and said he had to have it.

Check out the full story on “415” and more from DJ Daryl on the No Vultures podcast below: