Budweiser Debuts Global Creative “Tomorrow Is Yours To Take” Featuring Anderson .Paak & New Generation Of Creators In Worldwide Collab

Budweiser, an AB InBev global brand, today (April 28) unveiled a new global platform and creative campaign with the launch of Tomorrow is Yours to Take, a mantra meant to inspire emerging creators, led by eight-time Grammy Award-winner, producer, songwriter, artist, and director Anderson .PaakTomorrow is Yours to Take reflects what it means to hustle and chase success, and this global movement will inspire and connect creators worldwide.

The Tomorrow is Yours to Take campaign launches today with a music video entitled “Yours to Take” featuring an original song produced and performed by .Paak. The video tells the story of creators and aspiring talents overcoming naysayers and skeptics worldwide, with Budweiser alongside each step of the journey. The video is a collaboration on a global scale, featuring French freestyler soccer player Sean Garnier, Brazilian rapper Xamã, Swedish fashion designer Julia Dang, Colombian graffiti artist Wanda Pot, Argentinian singer Lara91K, Brazilian graphic artist Gabriel Massan and British drummer Louise Bartle.

“Budweiser is a rallying cry for relentless creators, dreamers, and go-getters hell-bent on making their mark. While today marks the launch of Tomorrow is Yours to Take, it’s the creators, the dreamers and the risk-takers who take center stage with this new evolution,” said Todd Allen, Vice President of Global Marketing, Budweiser via the campaign press release.. “As someone who defied the naysayers to follow his dreams, .Paak embodies the spirit of Tomorrow is Yours to Take and its meaning.”

Wieden+Kennedy led the creative concept of the campaign in partnership with Budweiser, .Paak and a team of creators around the globe. “Yours To Take” celebrates the power of an independent generation that does what they believe in, no matter what others say. With an original track by .Paak and real stories from real creators to deliver the message, the campaign had to be more than an ad. And that was when the music video was born: an entertainment piece that helped become a part of the culture in an authentic way with a cinematic feel.

By partnering with .Paak to produce the soundtrack to this global campaign, Budweiser is laying the groundwork for future efforts supporting up-and-coming creatives. This is just the beginning.

“My new music for the campaign isn’t just a song, it’s an anthem! The way I see it, it’s like a rallying cry to those who are DONE listening to all the reasons why their dreams are impossible,” says Anderson .Paak. “Trust me, I heard all those naysayers too, but I kept myself motivated and did my best to ignore the haters every step of the way. My hope is that Budweiser and I can reach artists, designers, athletes and creatives – everyone! – all over the world who are ready to take the first step on their own path to greatness.”

Each up-and-coming creator featured in the video embodies one of the Budweiser audience’s passion points, including music, arts, fashion, and sports.