Sticky Fingaz Talks Collaborating With Dr. Dre, Eminem & RBX On “Remember Me?”, Why He Chose Universal Over Aftermath, How He Joined Onyx + More On Holdin’ Court Podcast

Sticky Fingaz, of the multi-platinum hip-hop group Onyx, was the recent guest on the Holdin Court Podcast where he discussed several topics including working with Dr. Dre, Eminem, and RBX on “Remember Me?” from the diamond-selling The Marshall Mathers LP, leaving Def Jam and why he chose to sign with Universal instead of Aftermath Entertainment, how he joined Onyx, working with the iconic Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC, and more.

During the interview with host Big Court, Sticky reflected upon how he had just left Onyx to start a solo career when he linked up with Dr. Dre who offered him a million-dollar deal to sign with Aftermath Entertainment. Despite Sticky signing with Universal, Dre looked out for him by putting him on records like “Remember Me?” with Eminem and “Buck’em” with Snoop Dogg. On his relationship with Dr. Dre, Sticky told Big Court, “Dre always held me down, even though I went with Universal. He still showed me love, he still did things, he put me on the Eminem album, which sold 16 million copies. It’s like a million dollars. He put me on the Snoop Dogg project. Dre is my nigga, I love Dre.”

When discussing the “Remember Me?” track, Sticky revealed the track was originally recorded for Dre’s album. “Here’s the thing, we did not do that in the studio together. It was me, RBX and Dr. Dre. But that song wasn’t even for Eminem’s album. It was for Dr. Dre’s album. But Eminem liked the song so much, he kept it for his own album. Which I’m glad [about] because it has sold 16 million. But me and Eminem were in the studio where he did a chorus for me, for the song called “What If I Was White”. He said he owed me one. He said, “Yo, man, you know, you bodied my shit, but I only did a chorus for you. I still feel like I owe you, Sticky”. I’m coming to collect, Mr. Slim Shady. Holla!”

Check out the Sticky Fingaz interview with the Holdin’ Court podcast in full below: