Snoop Dogg Talks Restructuring Death Row Records Into NFT Label, Re-Recording His Albums, Breaks Down Web3 Technology + More On Full Send Podcast

Snoop Dogg recently appeared on the Full Send Podcast and discussed his plans on restructuring his newly-acquired Death Row Records into an NFT label, breaks down the Web3 technology, and reflects on a conversation with his son about possibly re-recording his albums similar to what Taylor Swift did when she regained her masters.

When discussing how the NFT-side of the business works and what it means to the fans of his music, Snoop said, “Picture me taking one of my classic records that you love to death, and you’ve always cherished it and it means so much to you. Now you have the right to buy it and own it, and to trade it and to make money off of it,” he continued. “Now you actually own a piece of Snoop Dogg’s legacy as opposed to, I have a copy of his CD that I lost. … Now you actually own something that’s actually yours that you can profit off of. I just feel like that’s where the industry is headed. Being in it for so many years, 30 years strong. My fans coming to show up for me, me charging them for everything. T-shirts, concerts, this, that, but not giving them shit back. Don’t sit right.”

Snoop Dogg also talks about flying back to L.A. with 2Pac and Death Row in the mid 90s after saying he liked Puff Daddy‘s and Notorious B.I.G.‘s music and wanted to work with them during his interview with Angie Martinez, gives his thoughts on the Los Angeles Lakers season, his reaction to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, and more.

Check out Snoop Dogg on the Full Send Podcast below: