MC Ren Reveals Cover For Upcoming “Osiris” EP

While he continues to steadily fine-tune his upcoming Osiris EP, Rock N Roll Hall of Fame emcee and legendary hip-hop pioneer MC Ren, of the iconic N.W.A., took to social media today to reveal the cover art for the upcoming Osiris EP, which is being produced by Tha Chill of Compton’s Most Wanted.

Back in October of last year, MC Ren exclusively told Chad Kiser that the EP title is also the name of the first single, “Osiris”.

The Osiris EP will be the Villain’s first release since 2009’s Reincarnated, although throughout the last several years MC Ren has released numerous singles like “Rebel Music” and its remix featuring Ice Cube, “Burn Radio Burn” produced by E-A-Ski, “Back At It”, “Lost” with Tha Chill, and “King Villain” produced by Hushdegod.

Check out the cover art for MC Ren’s upcoming Osiris EP below: