Daz Dillinger Clarifies Snoop Dogg’s ‘Drink Champs’ Story Of 2Pac & Nas Collaboration With Unreleased Snippet “Don’t Stop, Keep Goin”

Snoop Dogg was featured on the latest episode of Drink Champs with DJ EFN & N.O.R.E., and stated that Nas was originally on “Got My Mind Made Up” with 2Pac from the late rapper’s diamond-certified Death Row Records album All Eyez On Me.

In light of that story from Snoop, Daz took to YouTube to clarify Snoop’s recounting of the collaboration saying, “There’s a lot of ni**as out there that be givin’ wrong information. I was lookin’ at the Drink Champs the other day; Snoop was explainin’ about that Nas verse.” The whole situation wrong. He was never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever on ‘Got My Mind Made Up.’ The original persons that was on ‘Got My Mind Made Up’ was me, Kurupt, Method Man, Redman, Inspectah Deck, and The Lady Of Rage.”

Daz then clarifies, “This is the song he was talking about, which was ‘Don’t Stop, Keep Goin.’ I’ma play it for y’all,” as begins playing the original mix.

Check out the clarification from Daz Dillinger about the Nas & 2Pac collaboration record below: