Shorty B Discusses Why He Declined Signing To Too Short & Having A Stroke After Jive Records Messed Up His W-9 + More On Unique Access Interview

In part 4 of the interview with former Dangerous Crew producer Shorty B, the veteran producer continues with Unique Access Entertainment and discusses why he declined to sign to Too Short and tells host Soren Baker about having a stroke after Jive Records messed up his W-9.

In previous episodes of the Unique Access interview, Shorty B discussed how NBA icon Wilt Chamberlain made him want to move to California, meeting legendary Parliament-Funkadelic head George Clinton, and how he and famed funk/rock guitarist Michael Hampton became the best of friends, and how he had a gold-selling record with Digital Underground’s 1991 release Sons Of The P before meeting Too Short.

Additional stories include him attempting to talk Too Short out of doing CocktailsAnt Banks respecting his talent & why he and the late Shock G of Digital Underground worked so well together, working with the late MC Breed, making “Sample The Funk” with Ramon “Pee-Wee” Gooden, and how moving to and living in Atlanta played a part in his musical style and career.

Check out part 4 of the Shorty B interview with Soren Baker on Unique Access Entertainment below: