Yukmouth Details How Former Luniz Manager Chris Hicks Was The Reason For Too Short & Dangerous Music Breaking Up Over Menace II Society Movie

One-half of the Luniz and East Oakland, California legend Yukmouth recently sat down on his own YukmouthTV program on YouTube to detail how the former Luniz manager, Chris Hicks, was instrumental in the break up of Too Short, Dangerous Music, and the Dangerous Crew.

During the broadcast, Yukmouth broke down how Too Short being cast in his role as Lew-Loc in the Menace II Society movie by the Hughes Brothers is what Chris Hicks used to drive a wedge between Too Short, the “boss”, and the “lawyer” of the legendary Oakland-based label.

According to Yuk, Hicks was, “at the movie set acting cool with Too Short..he runs back to the boss, the partner of Too Short. Let me break it down, man: Too Short, the boss, and the lawyer. I think this is all from recollection, I think Too Short, the boss, the lawyer, or the manager all had Dangerous Music together. It was like how Dame Dash, [Kareem] Biggs, and fucking Jay-Z [had Roc-A-Fella]. So, Dangerous Music, Too Short was the executive producer with the boss and somebody else. C&H gets up in the boss’ ear and tells him Too Short is stealing money, that he did a movie and he not paying the boss. So that had the boss and Too Short going at each other. They ended up splitting up.”

Yukmouth concludes that Chris Hicks and his “back door information” of the Too Short and Menace II Society situation is what led to the demise of the legendary Dangerous Music record label that put out the likes of Father Dom, Dangerous Dame, Pooh-Man, Goldy, Bad N-Fluenz, Ant Banks, and others.

Check out the full story from Yukmouth on his Yukmouth TV channel below: