DJ Premier Details The Making Of “The One And Only” For Snoop Dogg On ‘So Wassup’ Series

On a recent episode of the So Wassup? YouTube series, DJ Premier detailed the making of “The One and Only” off Snoop Dogg‘s 2002 release Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$.

Through an incredible story in episode #28, Premo reveals how he was able to get the Tyrone Davis “It’s You, It’s You,” sample cleared, with the help of Snoop’s “spiritual advisor” Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, who was able to get Davis on the phone and secure the clearance of the legendary blues and soul singer’s 1978 song.

“He calls him and he’s like, ‘TD, I got a player over here that wants to mess with one of your records to make a song for Snoop. His name is DJ Premier,’” recalls DJ Premier. “He puts me on the phone with Tyrone Davis. He goes, ‘Yo, Don said you a player so if you want to sample anything, I’ll make sure it gets cleared.’ I said, ‘Alright!’

Check out episode #28 of the So Wassup? series with DJ Premier detailing the making of “The One And Only” for Snoop Dogg below: